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For the Weary Traveller to Rest in Peace

My Final Wish

To die a happy man was my final wish. My last, neigh, my only desire. Before today I thought it were too much to ask for. The naive thoughts of a damned fool desperately looking for a way out, but... Continue Reading →

On the Edge

In shadows I stand, lost, forgotten. Death is but a wrong step away and life is naught but a faint, distant flame fighting a losing battle. With every step it fades more and more, slowly swallowed by the black. Nothing... Continue Reading →

Praying Trees

In my many travels I have met many people, more than I could ever remember, but one of them I will never forget, one man who stood out amongst all the others. It was during my visit to the far... Continue Reading →


I don't want to die! Not yet, not like this. There is still something, something that I missed, there has to be. I see that others have found it, waking in the morning, going about their business during the day... Continue Reading →

My Child

Where, child? Where have you gone? To a place far from home, mother. Why, child? Why have you gone? Because I had to, mother. When, child? When will you be home? I won't, mother. Then when will I, child? When... Continue Reading →

Flame Lily

Hundreds of years ago, in a time aptly named by historians as 'The Dark Ages,' there existed no light in man. Knowledge was shunned, wisdom was deemed for the hopeful fool and dreamers were prosecuted by their brothers and sisters.... Continue Reading →


These insects surround me, stalk me, wander all over working towards goals that matter not. In lockstep they march to the orders of their hive minds, never thinking, never questioning, simply moving, living. They live, they die in spans so... Continue Reading →

Crystal Lilly

Gather 'round children, gather close for you do not want to miss this here tale. You too princess, you'll definitely want to hear this story, one I remember well even after all these years for it lies very close to... Continue Reading →

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