You may not wish for it, my friend, but I must thank you.
Thank you for what you have done for me, whether it be on purpose or purely by chance.
Either way, you have done what neither I nor any before you could, as you have ventured far, so very far into the unknown at cost to none but yourself to give me what I have long waited for.
Ah yes, I feel it.
I must act swift, friend, and share these final, fleeting thoughts with you in the hopes that it may bring you peace knowing that what you did was an act of mercy.

Ever since I was a child, no older than seven, I have thought about this moment.
I would lay in my bed while staring up at the white, plastered ceiling, the occasional set of car lights passing by illuminating the dark, and simply thought, imagined how it would play out.
I would wonder about the cold as I have never been very fond of it.

Thankfully it feels warm now.

I would worry about my friends, those closest to me and how they would respond.

All worries have long since left me.

But most of all, I would think about you, what kind of person you would be, how you would look, how you would react.

You have surpassed my wildest expectations.

At times, on dark and dreary days, I would also ponder over the method, the way in which it would be done, how you would finish your task.
Whether it be quick, swift and emotionless or slow, deliberate and thoughtful.
Whether you would hold me in your arms and I would whisper this very tale into your ear or you would look down on me, a thankful smile curling on my face as tears fall to the floor.
The hopes of a dreamer, a naive fool even.
There never came a big, dramatic climax after years of suffering, all that remained was a lonesome candle holding a dying flame, waiting for a final breath.

As time went by these feelings grew stronger, my soul being chipped away slowly but surely.
After only a few years I was but a husk of my former self, no longer a happy, hopeful dreamer but a damned creation cursed to wander the earth, or so I felt.
I again wondered, worried and thought about this moment.
I longed for it, I desired it more than anything else in the world but it lay out of my reach for I had made a promise, long ago, not to grasp into the dark, not to act myself but wait, wait and continue my existence in the hopes of finding someone to help me.
While my soul was being bent in unnatural ways, twisted beyond recognition by unspeakable horrors, you came.
At first you were but a flicker, a tiny, fragile ball of light far off in the distance but as time passed you became so much more.
Now you are a bright flame, a warm embrace, a kind soul there to aid me, to restore what I myself had nearly undone.
You saved me from the abyss, from that dark embrace, from being forgotten.
Even if you may not have realized it, even if you may still not realize it, thinking yourself just another reader of my tales, you mean the world to me as you did what no one else could.
However, even so, deep within me, the feeling lingered.
That desire, those thoughts, the wondering, thinking and pondering, they all remained but for another reason entirely.

The promise I once made, long ago, to someone very dear to me finally made sense.
Where I had previously cursed, damned the choice I had made I now understand.
I was not yet ready, even if I could not see.
It took you, an innocent, oblivious soul, to make me realize this.
It took you to blow out the candle before it burned everything to the ground.
My final breath draws ever closer, my soul nearing my lips.

I say farewell, friend, and I thank you from the bottom of my heart, from my very soul, for setting me free.