These insects surround me, stalk me, wander all over working towards goals that matter not.
In lockstep they march to the orders of their hive minds, never thinking, never questioning, simply moving, living.
They live, they die in spans so short, impactless they exist, their exertions futile.
Disgusting little creatures, their many legs crawl over me, spreaders of disease, source of contempt.
Killing them I tried, exterminating them I attempted, one by one I crushed them, one by one I burned them, sliced them, drowned them but more came, swarming over me in vengeance of their fallen brethren.
Their judgement is swift, their punishments harsh, all agree, their minds are one, to remove the dysfunctional cog from the machine, to step out the insect that wanted none of it, the disgusting little creature who refused to obey the orders of their leaders.

You reap what you sow, they told me, as death’s machines fire, fixing the fault, removing the threat, crushing the bug that I am.