Hundreds of years ago, in a time aptly named by historians as ‘The Dark Ages,’ there existed no light in man.
Knowledge was shunned, wisdom was deemed for the hopeful fool and dreamers were prosecuted by their brothers and sisters.
A time wherein the term ‘enlightenment’ was used solely in the literal sense, a lone fire burning in the night, until the most peculiar creature came to be.
A young girl, Lily, was born as the daughter of one of the many poor farmers strewn across the country side who lived day-to-day, scraping together everything they could get their hands on in order to survive.
She was not very beautiful, she was not very strong nor was she very clever but there was one aspect of her, one talent that she had that made her stand above all the rest.
In a world ruled by darkness she came and brought the light that shone from within her.
Where knowledge was burned to stay warm during the cold nights she taught man how to use this ever dwindling supply of written power.
Where wisdom was deemed a privilege she told others the tales of old, of ancient kings and great philosophers who lived, who ruled and spoke with wisdom in their very being.
And in this world, this world where dreams were but folly, only there to be consumed by nightmare, taken and twisted by the pitch black nights, she showed them how to dream of more and ascend to become something greater.
She showed them, in her endless struggle against the dark, how to become that which none dared to utter.
Her goal was pure, her duty was just but even so the darkness came, uncaring as to her purpose, and swallowed this light, this bright though fragile flame.
Her life taken by those who knew it better, those who valued naught but brute force and power over their fellow-man.

Darkness again returned to the land and took hold of the minds, hearts and souls of its inhabitants causing their dreams to perish and their hopes to fly far, far away.
All fell to this evil that has been and will always be, all except for one.
One of the girl’s students, a young man whose name has been lost in time, lost in the black, stood up against this undying force.
This seemingly ordinary individual stood where his teacher had, walked where his teacher had and spoke of what his teacher said.
As her he brought hope, knowledge and wisdom to a world where none was wanted though ever desired.
He fought with a fire burning in his heart, mind and soul as his teacher had taught him but no matter how hard he battled the forces of evil, how courageously he fought against the dark, he eventually succumbed to it as she had.
Another pawn, another piece consumed by the wicked and the damned.

All seemed lost to the common man who again lost hope, who shed their kindness and gentle nature in order to survive in the cold, cruel world, but nothing could be more true.
The little girl, this ordinary, unassuming little girl who had spoken, screamed and preached, who stood alone against the dark, her goal was never to defeat the evil in the world nor conquer the darkness, her goal was never for light to consume the horror, the sorrow and the folly but simply to plant a seed.
To wander the earth and with every word spoken, with every idea shared, with each and every thought unbroken she would plant a tiny seed in the minds of her fellow-man and she knew that these seeds, each and every one, had the potential to grow and flourish into a beautiful flower, one to bring light to the world, one to bring wisdom, knowledge and a desire for good.

A ‘flame lily’ to rekindle the fire that exists within each and every soul.