In shadows I stand, lost, forgotten.
Death is but a wrong step away and life is naught but a faint, distant flame fighting a losing battle.
With every step it fades more and more, slowly swallowed by the black.
Nothing but an empty abyss lies before me as I sit on the edge, looking down.
Should I allow it to take me, I wonder, swinging my legs to and fro.
Plunge myself into the unknown, into a fate I know not.
I would if not for the fear, fear of a horrible decision never to be undone.
But fear, fear only gets you so far, fear only delays the inevitable.
Fear may break a man but none can tell where the cracks will run.

And it is through these cracks that the light shines, freedom.
Freedom from this life, a prison for my soul.
Freedom from these feelings, the chains that bind me.

Only one wrong step away…
A final fall into nothingness…