Short Tale Tavern

For the Weary Traveller to Rest in Peace


The following text is an excerpt from a book found by two urban explorers as they were exploring the remains of an old, long abandoned house. The book was found in a severely damaged state with many of its pages... Continue Reading →

A Little Bird

A little bird sits on the sidewalk, rain pouring violently down on her fragile, little body. The usually busy streets are now empty, no people, no cars, no lights to illuminate the water that has made the road its domain,... Continue Reading →


You may not wish for it, my friend, but I must thank you. Thank you for what you have done for me, whether it be on purpose or purely by chance. Either way, you have done what neither I nor... Continue Reading →


So, you have come for a tale have you? A story to pass the time? A lesson to be learned perhaps? Well, you're in luck friend, for I have what you seek right here in the old noggin' Ah yes,... Continue Reading →

Bell Town

Let me tell you, my friend, of a town I visited long ago. A town located somewhere on this earth, its exact location unknown, its name given by those fortunate enough, or perhaps unfortunate enough, to have been there. Bell... Continue Reading →

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